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The National Wire and Cable Quality Inspection Center has successfully passed the inspection of CCC

2023-05-09 超级管理员 Read 72

Recently, an expert group composed of CQC products, the Wire and Cable Department, and the Beijing Machinery Industry Wire and Cable Testing Center conducted on-site inspections of the Xuzhou Branch of the National Wire and Cable Quality Inspection Center of the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute and the Yixing Laboratory, and issued "Inspection Result Fact Statement Reports". This inspection was organized by CNAS commissioned by the Certification and Accreditation Administration and implemented by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). The main focus is on the scientific, effective, and traceable nature of CCC inspections conducted by the laboratory. The specific content includes equipment capability verification, testing capacity evaluation, inspection reports and original records, personnel capabilities (on-site witness tests, closed book exams), retention retesting, and blind sample comparison equivalence. The inspection content is comprehensive, the process is rigorous, and the inspection plan is confidential, covering all 44 CCC laboratories nationwide.

The National Cable Center is the last batch of this special inspection, and the expert group has completed inspections of more than 40 other laboratories. They have gained a basic understanding of the general situation of the CCC contracted laboratories and have also discovered many problems in the laboratories. Therefore, the inspection plan has been continuously adjusted and refined, and the inspection content is becoming increasingly detailed, with higher requirements for the laboratories. For example, when reviewing the cable center, samples with certain technical difficulties were selected for the three witness tests. In addition, the expert group also discussed typical problems found in other laboratories with the center personnel, and conducted comparative tests on the controversial thin wire combustion test using a single combustion device and a thin wire combustion device, respectively.

In order to strengthen the management of the Xuzhou branch center and improve its inspection capability, the center leaders personally led or dispatched personnel to Xuzhou four times to verify and provide on-site guidance from aspects such as inspection equipment capability, equipment maintenance and measurement calibration, personnel testing standardization, inspection report and original record quality, sample management, etc. The center management held multiple meetings to discuss solutions to the many problems discovered, Actively coordinate the support of the hospital and department, allocate equipment from the Yixing laboratory, arrange personnel to guide the testing by hand, designate personnel from Yixing and Xuzhou to connect one-on-one, and implement and solve existing problems one by one. These measures have laid the foundation for the Xuzhou branch center to successfully pass this inspection and undertake CCC wire and cable inspection tasks in the future.

The final inspection team announced that the inspection conclusion was passed and gave high praise to the center's hardware facilities, personnel skills, laboratory management, and other aspects.

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